Ethnicity and migration links

These are links to selected Internet sites that provide much useful information for the study of migration and ethnicity worldwide. They have been compiled with a researcher's interests in mind.

European Research Center on Migration and Ethnic Relations
Information, research, and statistics on migration in Europe.

Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity (Incore) internet guides
These Guides provide information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries and regions.

The American Studies Web of the Crossroads Project at Georgetown is a fully searchable guide to online American Studies resources, including ethnicity studies.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Electronic information clearing house of documents, data, experts, institutions, conferences, studies, legislation and other migration-related information. A United Nations agency.

Immigration and Naturalization (INS)
Government statistics and information on US immigration.

The Southern African Migration Project
is a three-year, multi-faceted research programme designed to facilitate the formulation and implementation of new policy initiatives on cross-border population migration in the region and to promote public awareness on the role, status and contribution of foreign immigrants of African origin in South Africa.

The bipartisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform was authorized by Section 141 of the Immigration Act of 1990. The Commission expired on December 31, 1997. The mandate of the Commission was to review and evaluate the implementation and impact of U.S. immigration policy and to transmit to the Congress reports of its findings and recommendations.

Scalabrini Migration Center. Economy-oriented news and info on Asian migration.

The Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS), founded in New York in 1964, is committed to facilitating the study of sociodemographic, historical, economic, political, legislative and pastoral aspects of human migration and refugee movements.

The Migration News is a free monthly electronic publication edited by Professor Philip L. Martin of the University of California at Davis. It is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep up with current developments.

A Line in the Sand. Covers many relevant minority issues, focus on Native Americans.