Ethnicity in history

lthough interethnic tension and antagonism may seem to be problems particularly troublesome in our modern world of mass travel and migration aided by improvements in communications technology, conflict rooted in cultural differences is as old as humanity itself. Such conflicts have come to expression in anti-semitism, racism, tribalism, and outright wars in all parts of the world throughout history, and in many cases are among the main causes for migration.

On this page we have collected some threads that deal with studies of ethnicity in a historical context. The main contributors to this page are H-Ethnic, H-SHEAR (Scholars of the History of the Early American Republic), H-South, and H-Asia.



What were the true motivations of the abolitionists?

H-SHEAR discussion.

African Americans in France

As a US citizen I had assumed racism towards African Americans to be a worldwide Caucasian trait. Why was France so open to African Americans in the early part of the twentieth century?

H-South replies.

H-Ethnic replies.

Ethnic enclaves in early US

Were legally protected territorial enclaves for nationality groups ever proposed in the United States?

H-Ethnic members comment and suggest some readings.

Japanese in Brazil

There is a large settlement of persons of Japanese extraction in Brazil. What is the background for this? What are the sources and reasons for Japanese migration to Brazil?

H-Asia responds.

Chicano/Mexican American History

Is there anything that ties this group together historically, or is their history a sub-field of state histories?

H-Ethnic answers.

Irish in the Jacksonian era

Did the Scotch-Irish and the native Catholic Irish (in America at least) have, in the Jackson era, a friendly view of one another? Where can I read about their relations to one another?

H-SHEAR replies.

Ethnic use of public space

I am currently working on the problem of ethnic and working-class use of public space in U.S. cities between 1900 and 1940. Does anyone have any suggestions for research concerning semi-public ethnic spaces in Chicago or other cities?

H-Ethnic members respond.