"Content and Pedagogy in Tandem: Working with the New York City Public Schools"

By Bret Eynon, Education Director, American Social History Project

Since 1989, the American Social History Project (ASHP) has led a series of education programs, providing high school and college faculty with educational tools that enable them to create effective strategies for using ASHP and other materials to build stu dent understanding of American history and culture. Faculty from History, English and the Social Sciences explore innovative pedagogy, multimedia resources, and social history scholarship, aiming to enhance curricula, improve instruction and strengthen st udent achievement. This presentation will explore and evaluate the ASHP's experience with is collaborative professional development programs.

Rooted in a five-part philosophy of professional development, the ASHP education programs emphasize collaboration, how content and pedagogy work in tandem, interdisciplinary humanities approaches, addressing the needs of teachers and students, and ongoing professional guidance and support for area teachers. Through intensive seminars and online forums, faculty and teachers are able to work across boundaries of discipline and institution. The program also nurtures classrooms where students play active role s in their own learning, while establishing a culture of equality and respect where both faculty and students are defined as learners and teachers. As faculty complete introductory programs at the ASHP, they consolidate their learning, develop leadership skills and become a resource for broader change.

Through this panel presentation, I will evaluate the strengths and successes of this model while exploring how this project has affected faculty and students in the New York City area. I will also suggest ways similar projects might be implemented in othe r regions across the country, underscoring the value of collaboration among K-12 and post-secondary faculty and students to enrich the learning and professional development at all levels of education.