9:30 AM-4:30 PM: Marriott, Grand Ballroom Salons B/C/D. H-Net Council Meeting

9:30 - 11:30 AM: Marriott. Suffolk Room. Session 1. Transforming Teaching and Learning in U.S. History through New Technologies

11:45-2:15PM Marriott, Northeastern room. H-Net Editors Lunch and Meeting

2:30 - 4:30 PM: Marriott, Grand Ballroom. Salon H. Joint session with the AHA. Historical Publishing in the Digital Age: Revisiting Stevan Harnad's "Subversive Proposal"

2:30-4:30 PM: Marriott, Suffolk Room. Session 3. Primacy to the Event? The New Technologies and the Narrative Mode

4:30-7:00 PM. Marriott, Nantucket Room. H-Net Planning Committees Meeting

9:30-11:30 AM: Marriott, Suffolk Room. Session 4. Graduate Training in the Digital Age: A Roundtable Discussion of What History Departments Should be Doing

9:30-11:30 AM: John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Dave Powers Room. Session 5, joint with the Association for the Bibliography of History. Research in the Presidential Libraries: The View from the FDR and JFK

2:30-4:30 PM: Marriott, Suffolk Room. Session 6. Engaging with K-12 History Education: Collaborative Models for Using Educational Technology

2:30-4:30 PM: Marriott, Wellesley Room. Session 7. Third Annual Bill-Cecil Fronsman Teaching Innovation Panel: Digital Teaching Diamonds: Best Resources and Methods for Teaching History

8:00 PM - whenever: H-Net Reception -- All are invited. 55 Huntington Ave. Prudential Center (Across from the Westin Copley)

8:30-10:30 AM: Sheraton, Fairfax Room A. Joint session with the AHA Teaching Division. Multiple Voices/Multiple Narratives: Historical Methods and Undergraduate Education in the Digital Age

8:30-10:30 AM: Marriott, Suffolk Room. Session 9. Exploring the Promise of the Web for Integrating a Health Narrative into the History of Modern America

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Mariott, Suffolk Room. Session 10. Making History: Exhibitions in the Digital Age

*all sessions are in the Marriott
see detailed schedule


H-Net Reception

Saturday, January 6, 2000
8:00 PM - ?
55 Huntington Ave. Prudential Center

(Across from the Westin Copley)

The AHA was founded in 1884 and has held an Annual Meeting since 1885. Meetings are held Thursday-Sunday, the first weekend in January following New Year's Day. The January 4-7, 2001 Annual Meeting will be the 115th. The AHA Program Committee schedules more than 150 sessions addressing a wide range of topics, including scholarly research, approaches to teaching, and professional concerns. Throughout the three and one-half day meeting, the AHA operates a Job Register and a Book Exhibit.

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