OAH Council of Chairs Newsletter

Issue Number 52, August 1996
From the Editor: Michael J. Galgano, James Madison University

It seems appropriate that the newsletter coinciding with the opening of this academic year is devoted to H-Net, a community of talented scholars who have significantly advanced global communication in history. Their pioneering vision, dedication and skills merit our praise and support. Many colleagues employ its varied on-line services daily and its screens offer connections with historians everywhere. The seminar of graduate days has been extended and the potential for new opportunities appear without limit.

This special collection traces the past, present, and future of H-Net. Contributors explore some of its projects in reviewing scholarly monographs, facilitating discussion and enhancing the profession's advocacy mission. Those readers who regularly use its programs will find fuller explanations of on-line experiences for teaching, research, and professional contact, while those who do not yet subscribe will find much to entice them. The academic community has certainly been redefined and reconfigured through their efforts. Please remember to express your wishes regarding creation of a listserv for department chairs.

Michael J. Galgano is head of the Department of History, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, 22087 galganmj@jmu.edu

Table of Contents:

  1. H-Net: An Introduction
    by Harold G. Marcus, Mark Lawrence Kornbluh, and Peter B. Knupfer

  2. H-Net: Its Past, Present, and Future
    by Peter B. Knupfer

  3. The H-Net Book Review Project
    by Patricia Denault

  4. Editing an H-Net Discussion List
    by Melvin E. Page

  5. The Internationalization of H-Net
    by Harold G. Marcus

  6. H-Net and Multimedia Teaching
    by Steven Mintz

  7. H-Net and the Classroom: H-Teach
    by Sara Tucker and Robert Wheeler

  8. The H-Net Website: Designing On-line Resources for Scholars and Teachers
    Mark Lawrence Kornbluh

  9. From Cyberspace to Washington: the Impact of H-Net on the Advocacy Mission of the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History
    by Page Putnam Miller

  10. Librarians and H-Net
    by James P. Niessen

    Reproduced in electronic form with the permission
    of the Organization of American Historians' Council of Chairs Newsletter