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An initiative of H-Net, the H-Africa Network began as a single discussion list. In less than two years, H-Africa has blossomed into a complete initiative to promote scholarly communications in and about Africa.

The H-Africa Network has established, as a first priority, the integration of African scholars and especially those working on the continent into a global electronic scholarly community for consideration of issues vital to Africa, its people, and their cultures. Training programs, online databases, and discussion forums are at the heart of this enterprise and our goal is to provide these without cost to the participants.

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H-Africa emphasizes both the study and teaching of culture and history of the African continent, from a variety of disciplines and approaches. Informed discussions of teaching and research at all levels of interest and complexity take place on this list. Subscribers may submit questions, comments, reports and replies. H-Africa publishes research reports and inquiries, syllabi and course materials, bibliographies, listings of new sources, library and archive information, and non-commercial announcements of books, software, CD-ROMs, and other resources in the field.


Focusing on the expressive cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora, H-AfrArts emphasizes both the study and teaching of African expressive culture, past and present, and invites contributions from individuals engaged in the humanistic study of the entire continent. Book, exhibition, and film reviews dealing with African arts and culture are periodically posted to the H-AfrArts discussion list and archived on this site.


An international electronic discussion group dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of South African history. It is hoped that H-SAfrica will be a useful voice in the cultivation of all aspects of South African historical research. Documents of interest, such as book reviews, announcements, weekly files of messages, and so on, are available on the H-SAfrica website.


This list encourages a wide consideration of both the possibilities and problems involved in teaching about Africa in many educational settings. H-AfrTeach has a staff of volunteer editors and an editorial board, each representing a broad range of interests and backgrounds, including teachers, professors, and students. H-AfrTeach generates many resources, such as lesson plans, syllabi and unit bibliographies on topics (including individual countries) for teaching of African Studies.


The main mission of H-Afro-Am is to provide an exchange of information for professionals, faculty and advanced students, in the field variously called African American Studies, Afrocentricity, Africology, Africana Studies, Afro-American Studies, Black Studies, and Pan-African Studies. The focus is on the African Diaspora across the globe though it tends to emphasize the U.S. experience, and comparative reflection by U.S. and other African Diaspora experiences.

Introducing Two New Lists!


This refereed discussion forum is designed to focus on both practical and strategic-level issues involving the development and viability of African political systems, the democratizing process, the roles of external, humanitarian and political intervention, and those indigenous political traditions which both enrich and complicate modern political life in Africa. H-AfrPol's coverage is not limited by the Sahara, but will include any useful submissions concerning the whole continent and the adjacent islands.


H-West-Africa seeks to bring together students, scholars, professionals, intellectuals, and others throughout the world who share an interest in the past, present and future of West Africa. H-West-Africa editors encourage debates on particular themes in West African studies, discussions of current events and news items, and postings of funding opportunities, jobs, conferences and other useful information.

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