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H-Net Council Thanks Peter Rollins for Seven Years of Contributions to H-Net

Recently Peter Rollins, founder, list editor and book review editor of H-PCAACA, decided to end his long service on that list. While every editor who leaves H-Net is deeply missed, Peter is a very special case. A search of the H-Net archives revealed 4381 messages bearing his name, spread over more than eighteen lists and seven years. The diverse lists included H-Asia, H-CivWar, H-Diplo, H-Film and H-High-S, just to list a few. A large percentage of these messages were book reviews commissioned by Rollins during his years of service as book review editor for H-PCAACA. These were often so interdisciplinary and broadly conceived as to be relevant to a dozen h-net lists. Yet close to 25% of the postings bearing Rollins' name (which means close to 1000 posts!) were thoughtful, individual posts, sharing his years of teaching and research experience with thousands of scholars across the United States. Whether pointing out a book which might be useful, discussing a website, or, most energetically, discussing film and history, Peter Rollins gave H-Net subscribers the best of himself.

Interestingly, unless you set out, to "discover" Peter's contributions to H-Net and the field in general, you actually have a difficult time finding them. This is not due to lack of service: Peter has written at least 5 monographs, produced a variety of films, is Editor in Chief of Film and History and has held half a dozen other prominent posts. Yet Peter wrote in his guidelines for H-PCAACA book reviews, "Our goal is not to shine, but to let light shine on the issues of the day". Peter rarely put himself forward during his seven years with H-Net, preferring to let his daily list editing and review commissioning speak for themselves. I am honored on behalf of the H-Net Council to thank Peter for his contributions to H-Net, and for the light he has let shine on many of our lists. In
another forum, Peter has claimed, "There is no greater adventure than the life of the mind." I would suggest there could be few kinder and more helpful traveling companions.

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