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U.S. Women's and Gender History

Grade Requirements | Make-up Policy

Any student who believes he or she will require special consideration to meet the requirements of the course must consult the Office of Disability Services (UC-112) during the first week of classes.

Course Description

This course examines U.S. history from the colonial period to the present from the perspective of women and gender. The class lectures, multimedia presentations, and readings emphasize U.S. women's history (incorporating factors of race, class, region, ethnicity, and age), but also trace how the changing definition of gender for both males and females has impacted general historical trends. Class attendance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended since students are responsible for all lecture and multimedia material presented in class as well as that included as out-of-class reading materials. In addition, since we only meet once a week, miss a class and you miss a lot.

  • Students enrolled in this course must have an active email account and know how to access the World Wide Web. You have access to the World Wide Web and a personal email account through the many on-campus computer labs or you may use a computer from off campus if you have access to one. Follow the hotlink for information about the College of Arts and Sciences computer labs.

Required Texts

  • Laura McCall and Donald Yacovone. A Shared Experience. New York Univ. Press.
  • Susan Ware. Modern American Women. McGraw-Hill.
  • Anne Moody. Coming of Age in Mississippi. Dell.
  • Mary Crow Dog. Lakota Woman. Harper-Perennial.
  • Additional reading materials are linked to the World Wide Web (WWW) from the on-line syllabus/schedule.
  • Distance Learning Students must also purchase Sara Evans. Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America.  This text is optional for on-campus students.

Grade Requirements

  • Midterm Examinations (2@50 points each) There will be two in-class midterm examination covering material presented in class and assigned readings. Each exam will consist of two essay questions (25 points each).
  • Newspaper/Magazine/Film Assignment (50 points) Students are required to prepare a 3-4 page analysis of gender depictions in a popular magazine, newspaper, or film. Please email me about a time period that interests you, I will give you an assignment. 
  • Out-of-class Events (20 points--10 points each) Students are required to attend and complete a one-paragraph evaluation of at least two approved out-of-class events. Students may also earn up to 10 extra credit points by attending and evaluating additional events or films. All evaluations should be submitted to my email account. The last day to submit events is midnight Friday, April 28, 2000.
  • Final Examination (100 points) The final examination will consist of a take-home- comprehensive essay question (50 points) and two in-class-topical essay questions (25 points each) on material covered since the second midterm.
  • Write Ups (10@ 3points each, 30 points total) Students must turn in a brief write-up on the weekly reading assignments. 2-3 paragraphs will suffice. You should also be prepared to comment in class discussions. What is the author's main thesis (argument), or the historical significance (what does it show you about the past?) of each assignment? What question or questions, if any, do the readings raise for you? Each write-up is worth up to 3 points. I will not accept late write-ups.

Grading Summary

270-300   A     Midterms     100 pts.
240-269   B     Review     50 pts.
210-239   C     Events     20 pts.
180-209   D     Write-ups     30 pts.
below 180   F     Final     100 pts.

Make-up Policy

I will offer make-up examinations for the midterms and final. However, arrangements for make-ups must be made the day the examination is scheduled or before. Warning: I am strict about this policy and make-up examinations are more difficult.