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Query: From: Janice Liedl 01 April 1996

I'm looking for a book of primary source excerpts useful for a survey course in modern European women's history (1700 to present.) The course will be offered for the first time in January 1997 and there's nothing I've been able to locate through my textbook catalogues and representatives. I had thought of using Riemer and Fout's European Women but that is currently out-of-print and not exactly the best 'fit' for my plans. Does anyone know of such a work(either available now or in the pipelines)? If it is any help, the students will also be reading Bonnie Smith's Changing Lives: Women in European History Since 1700 (D.C. Heath) and Bridenthal, Koonz, Stuards,ed., Becoming Visible (Houghton Mifflin) as their other major resources. Thanks!


Bell, Susan Groag and Offen, Karen, eds; Women, the Family, and Freedom: The Debate in Documents; 2 vol. Stanford U Press, (1983) (covers topics from 1750-1950...mostly Europe but US too.)

Hellerstein, Hume and Offen, eds; Victorian Women (Stanford)

Romero, Partrica, ed., Women's Voices on Africa (Marcus Weiner, 1992)

[Note: Most recommended the Bell/Offen book, with the following comments]:

"Two volumes are expensive for students...I have been forced to make my own collection, which consists of relatively short pieces, in the hope of staying reasonably within copyright constraints. I give them as handouts. I would be happy to send you the collection. I heard from B. Craig at the Univ. of Ottowa that she too has the same problem. Maybe there is a market for a document collection to go along with Smith, at least in Canada...."Jenny Lloyd

"The best source... is still Bell and Offen. Its only problem is the length. I often use only the first volume, with excerpts from the second. There are also many shorter documents in Bonnie Smith's text...Bell & Offen has excellent intros to each selection and a good bibliography....Some of your students may wish to buy it, but it would be expensive- you would be better off to put it on reserve and let people copy relevant sections each week." [Compiled from several responses]

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