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New Materials at Oklahoma State U. - May 1996
by John D. Berry

  1. Angulo, Jaime de. Indians in Overalls [Monograph]. San Francisco, CA: City Lights Books; 1990; c1950. 108 p.: illus. ISBN: 0-87286-312-3. An account of an Anthropologist Jaime de Angulo's linguistic field trip of 1921, to the Achumawi tribe, (the Pit River people), of northeastern California. 305.8975 A594i.
  2. Berry, Jason. The Spirit of Black Hawk: A Mystery of Africans and Indians [Monograph]. Jackson, MS: Unversity Press of Mississippi; 1995. xiv, 158 p.: illus. ISBN: 0-87805-806-0. Note: Includes bibliography and index. The "Spirit of Black Hawk" Afro-American church cult in Louisiana. 289.9 B627Zb5.
  3. Brown, Jennifer S. H. Strangers in Blood: Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country [Monograph]. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press; 1996; c1980. xxiii, 255 p.: illus. ISBN: 0-8061-2813-5. Note: Includes bibliography and index. This work systematically looks at the inter-marriage of Fur Trading Company members and Native peoples. Focusing on Hudson's Bay and Northwest Company in 5 Canadian provinces and 4 American States. 971.03 B878s 1996.
  4. Byers, Paula K., Editor. Native American Genealogical Sourcebook [Monograph]. New York, NY: Gale Research Inc.; 1995. xix, 219 p.: illus. ISBN: 0-8103-9229-1. Note: Includes appendices and indexes. Covers basic background materials, genealogical research methods, records specific to Native Americans and a brief directory of genealogical information resources. 929.108997 N278.
  5. Carmack, Robert M.; Gasco, Janine; Gossen, Gary H. The Legacy of Mesoamerica: History and Culture of a Native American Civilization [Monograph]. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall; 1996. xvii, 494 p.: illus., maps. (Exploring Cultures, A Prentice Hall Series in Anthropology). ISBN: 0-13-337445-9. Note: Includes glossary, bibliography and index. This volume is a comprehensive overview covering the origins, development and current situation of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Includes the 1994 Zapatista Movement in Chiapas, Mexico; the roles of women and men in present day society; languages, ancient, historical and modern literature.

    JDB. 972.00497 L496.

  6. Eastman, Charles A. (Ohiyesa), Dakota. Old Indian Days [Monograph]. Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press; 1991; c1907. xxiv, 279 p. ISBN: 0-8032-6718-5. Note: Includes new forward and glossary. 813 E1257 1991.
  7. Everything Has a Spirit [Videocassette]. Denver, CO: KBDI-TV. 30 min., Color. Note: Narrator Jonny BearCub Stiffarm, Music by Joanne Shenandoah, The Porcupine Singers and Geraldine Barney. Explores the historical roots of Native American Religious persecution and contemporary issues such as sacred sites, First Amendment protections and the use of Peyote in the Native American Church. 299.7 E93 Micro/Media.
  8. Finding Your Indian Relatives on Federal Indian Records at the Oklahoma Historical Society [Videocassette]. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Historical Society; 1992. (Oklahoma History Program). While this appears to be something of interest, the Oklahoma Historical Society should be embarressed to let this out in public. One of the most poorly done videos ever seen; includes useless panoramas, dead tape segments, narrator reading the text on the screen, poor color and almost no content.

    JDB 929.108997 Micro/Media.

  9. Foreman, Grant, Editor. A Traveler in Indian Territory: The Journal of Ethan Allen Hitchcock, late Major-General in the United States Army [Monograph]. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press; 1996; c1930. x, 270 p.: illus. maps. (The American Exploration and Travel Series; v. 75). ISBN: 0-8061-2840-2. Note: Includes new forward. Includes appendix and index. The Indian Territory section of the Hitchcock diaries. Some of the first documentation on Indian Territory after the removal of the five tribes. 917.66 H674t 1996.
  10. Fredrickson, N. Jaye; Gibb, Sandra. The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Trade Silver [Monograph]. Ottawa, Canada: National Museum of Canada; 1980. 168 p.: illus., color plates. ISBN: 0-660-10348-6. Note: Includes bibliograpy, illustration credits and index. A history and beautiful exhibition catalog of trade silver used during the fur trade in eighteenth and nineteenth century North America. Includes works by Indians silver-smiths. JDB. 739.2307411 F852c.
  11. Grinnel, George Bird, Anthropologist. The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Ways of Life [Monograph]. Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press; 1972; c1923. ix, 358 p.: illus., maps. ISBN: 0-8032-5771-6. 973.04973 G868c 1972 V.I.
  12. Grinnel, George Bird, Anthropologist. The Cheyenne Indians: War, Ceremonies, and Religion [Monograph]. Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press; 1972; c1923. vii, 430 p.: illus., maps. ISBN: 0-8032-5771-6. Note: Includes appendices and index. 973.04973 G868c 1972 V.II.
  13. Haas, Marilyn L. The Seneca and Tuscarora Indians: An Anotated Bibliography [Monograph]. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press; 1994. xii, 450 p. (Marken, Jack W., General Editor. Native American Bibliography Series; v. 17). ISBN: 0-8108-2740-9. Note: Includes author/editor/subject indexes. 973.016 H112s.
  14. Parker, Judy Goforth. Living With Diabetes Mellitus: The Experience of Native American Indians [Dissertation]. Denton, TX: Texas Woman's University; 1992. xi, 204 p. UMI. Note: Includes bibliography and appendices. The domain of this study was the lived experiences of Native Americans with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Interviews with ten people who have had NIDDM for at least 5 year. 616.462 P241L.
  15. The Peyote Road: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crises [Videocassette]. San Francisco, CA: Kifaru Productions; 1993. 59 min. (The Native American Relations Video). Note: Includes 1994 legislative update. English, Spanish and Navajo with English subtitles. Addresses the U.S. Supreme Court Smith Decision which denied 1st Amendment religious liberty protection to the sacramental use of Peyote. Examines the European tradition of religious intolerance and documents the ancient traditional use of Peyote. 299.74 P515 Micro/Media.
  16. The Red Road to Sobriety: Documenting the Contemporary Native American Sobriety Movement [Videocassette]. San Francisco, CA: Kifaru Productions; 1995. 90 min., color. (The Native American Relations Video). In the tradition of "The Dreamkeepers", "The Wounded Healers" and "The Warriors"; addresses the sobriety movement in Native American communities combining indigenous spiritual traditions and modern medical approaches to substance abuse recovery. 362.2928 R312 Micro/Media.
  17. Silko, Leslie Marmon. Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit: Essays on Native American Life Today [Monograph]. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster; 1996. 205 p. ISBN: 0-684-81153-7. Note: Includes acknowledgments and notes. 970.00497 S583y.
  18. Spielmann, Katherine A. Interdependence in the Prehistoric Southwest: An Ecological Analysis of Plains-Pueblo Interaction [Monograph]. New York, NY: Garland; 1991. xxxiv, 353 p. (Thomas, David Hurst, Editor. The Evolution of North American Indians). ISBN: 0-8240-6146-2. Note: Includes appendices and bibliograpy. Revision of the authors dissertation, University of Michigan, 1982. 381.0978 S755i.
  19. Wertheim, Arthur Frank; Bair, Barbara, Editors. The Papers of Will Rogers: The Early Years, Volume One, November 1879 - April 1904 [Monograph]. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press; 1996. xxii, 611 p.: illus. ISBN: 0-8061-2745-7. Note: Includes biographical appendix, bibliography and index. 792.7028092 R731r7p.
  20. Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations [Videocassette]. San Francisco, CA: Kifaru Productions; 1992. 57 min., color. (The Native American Relations Video). Note: Narrator Hanna Left Hand Bull Fixico (Lakota). The Bigfoot Memorial Ride commemorating the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890. Washigila - Wiping the Tears. 978.00497 W797 Micro/Media.
  21. Woodman, David. Strangers Among Us [Monograph]. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: McGill-Queen's University Press; 1995. xvi, 166 p.: illus., maps. (Trigger, Bruce G., Editor. McGill-Queen's Native and Northern Series; v. 10). ISBN: 0-7735-1348-5. Note: Includes appendix, notes, bibliography and index. Discovery and exploration in the Arctic and Inuit Northwest Territories. 917.192 F832Zw8.

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