History of Women and Witchcraft on the Web Bibliography August 1996

Query From Barbara Airey JLA7000@aol.com 09 August 1996

I will be teaching Women's History for the first time this fall, and am therefore looking for sites on the Web pertaining to women in Europe from the Middle Ages on, and also on the witch trials both in Europe and America. If any of you know of any sites or links to primary/secondary sources, I would greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail me. Thanks you.


Karlsen, Carol The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England (NY, Vintage Books, 1987)

Web Sites:

Joan's Witch Directory

Medieval Sourcebook

Witchcraft Documents

Magic in Late Antiquity

Other responses:

>From Jeffrey Merrick jmerrick@csd.uwm.edu 22 August 1996

Has an extensive bibliography (50 pages) on witchcraft in early modern Europe. ..."If someone else would like to take what I have done and add material in languages I don't read, expand the coverage of older books and articles, incorporate new publications, give it a home in the World Wide Web, I'll be glad to send the bibliography on disk, in Word Perfect 5.1.

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