Women in the U.S. West Bibliography July 1996

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Query From Sandy Schackel sschack@sspafac.idbsu.edu 17 July 1996

Hello... I am seeking suggestions for an anthology I am putting together on women in the twentieth century American west. I am using articles that have been previously published in journals but not in other anthologies. I welcome your ideas.


Christman, Al "New Mexico Magazine"; June, 1991...story of sisters who homesteaded New Mexico in early 1900s

Cleaveland, Agnes Morley No Life for a Lady (Houghton Mifflin, 1941)

Cornell, Virginia Doc Susie (Manifest Publications, Carpinteria,CA, 1991)

Hadley, C.J. Editor'photographer/journalist of "Range" Magazine, out of Carson City, NV. Call 702-884-

2200 or fax 702-884-2213.

Marriott, Alice Maria: The Potter of San Ildelfonso (U of Oklahoma Press, 1948, reprint 1986)

McClure, Grace The Bassett Women (Ohio U Press, 1985), also article in "Life" Magazine (Jan 5, 1948)

Passet, Joanne wrote a piece on women's work in building libraries, believe article was in American West.

Weatherhill, Hilda Faunce Desert Wife (org. pub 1928; reprint U of Nebraska Press, 1981)

Wharton, Dr. May Cravath Doctor Woman of the Cumberlands (Uplands Publishing, Pleasant Hill, TN, 1953)

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