Susan B. Anthony Bibliography February, March 1996

Query From Judith Harper 29 Feb 1996

While researching the life of Susan B. Anthony, I have been amazed by the relative dearth of recent scholarship about her life and work.(By recent, I am including the period since 1985.) Excluding Kathleen Barry's thorough 1988 biography of Anthony, and G. Thomas Edward's account of the Northwest suffrage campaigns in Sowing Good Seeds(1990) I have not found much of consequence. I have already concluded America: History and Life, Women's Studies Abstracts, and Humanities Index, finding almost nothing about Anthony's life but several book reviews of the Barry and Edwards books already mentioned.

I'm particularly searching for any post-1985 treatment of Anthony's personal life choices---including her decision to remain single, her close relationship with Stanton, and her mentoring relationships with young women followers in her later years. Thank you!


Kern, Kathi A Secular Faith: E.C. Stanton and the Woman's Bible(being published by Cornell)

Sherr, Lynn Failure is Impossible(1995) [biography of Anthony]

Other sources/contacts:

Susan B. Anthony House 17 Madison Street, Rochester, NY 14608 Tel 716 235-6124

Kern, Kathi teaches as U of Kentucky, might be able to help with sources

Stanton/Anthony Papers Project at Rutgers Ann Gordon 908-932-1209

University of North Carolina/Greensboro Special Books Department, Walter Jackson Library

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