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The definitive catalogue of resources
(just came in the mail a few days ago)

National Women's History Project
7738 Bell Rd.
Windsor, CA 95492-8518

707 838-6000
FAX 707 838-0478

I was surprised though to see no reference in the catalogue to the project having a presence on the net/web.

From: Cynthia Harrison <>

ABC-Clio published a second volume of the bibliography in women's history, as well as the one I did. Also the Journal of Women's History has published a one-volume bibliography.

But most of the abstracting services are on-line (as is the LC catalog) and thanks to the miracle of technology, all can be searched for women's history subjects.

Cynthia Harrison
Associate Professor
History/Women's Studies
Funger 506G
The George Washington University
2201 G Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20052
telephone: 202-363-4356
fax: 202-994-7249

From: Gayle Veronica Fischer <>

The Journal of Women's History includes a thematic bibliography in almost every issue (a sample of the bibliographic topics follows). The Journal also published a Guide to
Periodical Literature (Indian University Press) and is in the process of updating that guide and publishing the next volume in the next few years. Also in the works is a home page for the Journal of Women's History--it should be up and running in about a month. Meanwhile you can refer to bibliographies such as:

"Women and the Family" JWH 1,3 (Winter 1990): 263-276

"The Military" JWH 3, 1 (Spring 1991): 141-158

"The Middle East" JWH 3,1 (Spring 1991): 159-165

"Central-Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union" JWH 3,1 (Spring 1991): 166-175

"Material and Popular Culture" JWH 3,2 (Fall 1991): 129-160

"Pornography" JWH 3, 2 (Fall 1991): 161-162

"Violence" JWH 3,2 (Fall 1991): 163-170

"Religion" JWH 3, 3 (Winter 1992): 141-177

"Sexuality" JWH 3,3 (Winter 1992): 178-192

"African-American Women" JWH 4, 3 (Winter 1993): 218-234

"Native American Women" JWH 4, 3 (Winter 1993): 235-240

Cullinan, Monica, "Irish Women," JWH 6, 4/7, 1 (Winter/Spring 1995):250-277

Schaus, Margaret, and Susan Mosher Stuard, "Citizens of No Mean City:

Medieval Women's History," 6, 3 (Fall 1994): 170-198

Offen, Karen, "Edited Collections of Scholarly Articles in Women's History and Theme Issues on Women's History in Scholarly Journals since 1970," JWH 6, 1 (Spring 1994): 134-160

Gayle V. Fischer
Indiana University

Haber, Barbara Women in America : A Guide to Books, 1963-1975 with an appendix of books published 1976-1979; Urbana, 1981

Harrison, Cynthia Women in American History: A Bibliography; Santa Barbara, Ca; 1990

Sweeny, Patricia Biographies of American Women: An Annotated Bibliography; Santa Barbara,CA ; 1990

The Commen Women Collection: Women in U.S. History; 1976

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