Sei Shonagon Bibliography June, 1996

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Query From Laura Del Col, Girl Reporter 04 June 1996

..."I would like to know of any biographical or critical works on Sei Shonagon, the eleventh-century Japanese diarist. I have already read Ivan Morris' The World of the Shining Prince." Many thanks.


>From Rebecca Copeland 06 June 1996

Miner, Earl; Odagirl, Hiroko; and Morrell, Robert, eds. The Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature

Morris, Mark "Sei Shonagon's Poetic Catalogues" in Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 40.1 (June 1980)

Mulhern, Chieko,ed Japanese Women Writers: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook (Greenwood Press, 1994) 7 page entry by Felice Fischer

Okada, Richard Figures of Resistance: Language, Poetry and Narrating in The Tale of

The Genji and other Mid-Heian Texts (Duke U Press, 1991)

Sarra, Edith "The Art of Remembrance, the Poetics of Destiny: Self-Writings by

Three Women of Heian Japan", Ph.D. diss, Harvard University, 1988.

(This study is forthcoming as a book, Princeton UPress, I think)

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