Abortion/Contraception As Resistance to Slavery Bibliography

Query From Holly Foster hafoster@husc.harvard.edu 28 Oct 1996

One of my students is writing her senior thesis on the use by some enslaved African-American women of contraception and abortion, and their functions as forms of resistance. While she has found some primary sources in slave narratives in archives at Howard, Emory, and the Smithsonian, we are asking the list's help in locating others. We suspect they are hard to find because of taboos and ideologies around issues of family and its significance in abolitionist rhetoric, voluntary vs. coerced sex, and the embarrassment or ignorance interviewers may have suffered when asking former slaves for intimate details of their lives. Any comments on these issues or any others that list members see lurking ahead are welcome. The richest but most elusive sources have been the legal cases in which slaveholders brought their bondswomen to trial for abortion and/or infanticide, and we are particularly eager to discover more of these.



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