Women in the Renaissance Bibliography July 1996

Query From John Anderies janderie@indiana.edu 12 July 1996

I am looking for an article or chapter/section of a book that deals with general issues of women's lives in the Renaissance. This is for an undergraduate course on women in early music, but I am NOT looking for something about music per se--already have plenty of that. Something along the lines of Joan Kelly-Gadol's article "Did Women Have a Renaissance?" would be great, but it needs to be much easier to read than this. As a companion to a section of the course on the Middle Ages I'll have my students read a chapter out of Margaret Wade Labarge's, "A Small Sound of the Trumpet: Women in Medieval Life." Perhaps that gives some idea of the level that I am looking for. Any suggestions? I could really use the help!! Sincerely.


Brady, Oberman, Tracy Handbook of European History (Leiden, 1994)..chapter by Merry Wiesner

McClean, Ian The Renaissance Notion of Woman

Wiesner, Merry Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe...wonderful bibliography

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