Women and Populism Bibliography December 1995

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A fourth-year student of mine is researching a term paper on women and Populism and I am struck by how little secondary literature there appears to be on this subject. I would be very grateful if listmembers could suggest articles (or books?) in this area. Also, recommendations re the key primary sources(memoirs,etc) would be appreciated. With thanks.


Adams, Pauline S. and Thornton, Emma S. A Populist Assault: Sarah E. Van De Vort Emery on American Democracy, 1862-1895(Bowling Green State U Popular Press, 1982)

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Buhle, Mari Jo Women and American Socialism; also Encyclopedia of the American Left (under Populism)

Edwards, Rebecca "Gender in American Politics, 1880-1900", Ph.D. diss, Univ of Virginia, May, 1995

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Lease, Mary (A prominent Populist in the 1890s) original writings by her. Also article about her in Kansas History (ca. 1978)

Marti, Donald B. "Sisters in the Grange: Mary Ann Mayo of Michigan, 1882-1903" Ag History, April, 1982

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Watkins, Marilyn P. "Political Activism and Community-Building Among Alliance and Grange Women in Western Washington, 1892-1925," Ag History, Spring, 1993.

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