New Woman Bibliography June 1996

Query From Alison Buckley 06 June 1996

Hello all--

I'm posting this query for a colleague who hasn't (yet) subscribed to the list. She's currently working on an article on the New Woman in Ireland and is looking for some secondary sources on the flapper in the United States and Britain. If anyone can be of assistance, you could reply to the list or to Maura McKenna directly at

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please reply directly to the list, as there will certainly be many people interested in this topic. Thanks!

Hello all-- 11 June 1996

I just thought I'd clarify a post I sent to the list last week regarding the 'new woman' in Ireland. My colleague is looking at Ireland in the 1920s(a little slower over here!) Any suggestions of comparable works on Britain or the US would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Ardis, Ann New Women, New Novels (possibly 1990, Rutgers Univ. Press)

Gardiner, Juliet, ed. The New Woman (Collis and Brown, 1993)

Mitchell, Sally The New Girl

Todd, Ellen The New Woman on 14th Street

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