Women in British Labour History Bibliography July 1996

Query From Kathryn Carter Kathryn.Carter@UAlberta.ca 08 July 1996

As part of my work this summer on a major research project, I have been asked to construct a thumbnail history of women's involvement in British labour history. I have already used Lucy Middleton's Women in the Labour Movement, Collette's For Labour and For Women and

Norbert Soldan's Women in the British Trade Unions 1874-1976. I know about, but have not yet looked at Shelia Lewenhak's Women and Trade Unions. I have also discovered that the British Labour Party has a useful on-line history of women's involvement with the Labour Party at their web site. As I understand it, I am to provide a history from earliest activism (is this roughly the 1790s?) until present day.

Because I am absolutely new to this topic(my research area ins Canadian women's unpublished diaries of the nineteenth century), I wonder if I am overlooking major, well-known sources in the area. Thanks--


Boston, Sarah Women Workers in the Trade Union Movement (2nd ed, 1987; Lawrence & Wisehart)

Clark, Anna The Struggle For the Breeches: Gender and the Making of the British Working Class (Berkeley, Univ. of Calif Press, 1995)

Gordon, Eleanor Women and the Labour Movement in Scotland 1850-1914 (Oxford, 1991)

Graves, Pamela Labour Women (1994)

Thane, Pat British Feminism in the 10th Century Harold L. Smith, ed.(1990)

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