British Perceptions of Race, Class and Hindu Goddesses Bibliography May, 1996

Query From Cynthia Humes 24 May 1996

Hello to all. I have been receiving H-Women for a long time but this is my first posting....The reason I am posting a note is that I have hit a stone wall, and need some help by-passing it or leaping over it. I am researching eighteenth and nineteenth century British attitudes towards Hindu religion, race, gender and the goddess Kali. I have found many sources that speak of the first three subjects, but not the fourth: Kali. I am particularly interested in examples and justifications for the British repugnance of her in primary sources, or any other Hindu goddesses. Likewise, if there are any complimentary portrayals of her, I am very interested. I welcome any comments or references. Thanks very much.


Nivedita, Sister Margaret Nobel "Kali, the Mother"(1900) in The Complete Works of Sister Nivedita (Vol. 1)(reprint around 1982)

Reymond, Lizelle The Dedicated: A Biography of Nivedita (1955)

Taylor, Capt. Meadows Confessions of a Thug (1850s or 1860s, reprinted in 1970s)

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