Race/Gender/Class Book Help Bibliography July 1996

Query From Pamela Scully Scully@kenyon.edu 10 July 1996

I am teaching a junior honors course in the fall which is examining new theoretical perspectives on race, gender and class and then reading some works in US Women's History which show hoe historians have sought to integrate theory and the practice of history(to make a bald distinction).

I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest good books in African-Women's History and also in Western History which look at the relationship between race and gender identities.

Many thanks.


Amott, Teresa L. & Mattaei, Julie A. Race, Gender and Work: A Multicultural Economic History of Women in the United States (South End Press, Boston, 1991)

Brown, Elsa Barkley "Negotiating and Trans-forming the Public Sphere: African American Political Life in Transition from Slavery to Freedom", Public Culture 7 (Fall 1994): 107-146

Di Leonardo, Micaela, ed Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge: Feminist Anthropology in the Post-Modern Era (Berkeley, 1991) esp. article by Ann Laura Stoler, "Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Gender, Race and Morality in Colonial Asia".

Higgenbotham, Evelyn Brooks Righteous Discontent

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