Grover Cleveland & Clubs Bibliography April 1996

Query From Joan Iversen 26 April 1996

Does anyone know where and when Grover Cleveland condemned the activism of club women, accusing them of neglecting their homes? I found a response to his attack in a clipping printed in 1905. The response was given by Margaret Dye Ellis of the WCTU. I need to have the original data on Cleveland's attack. All leads will be appreciated.


Ladies Home Journal (Vol. 22 #6 p3-4) May, 1905 "Woman's Mission and Woman's Clubs"

His quote:" I am persuaded that there are Women's Clubs whose objects and intents are not only harmful, but harmful in a way that directly menaces our homes."

Ladies Home Journal(Vol. 22, No. 11, p7-8) October, 1905 "Would Woman Suffrage be Unwise?"

His quote:"Even if every woman should exercise the suffrage, the votes of the thoughtful and conscientious would almost certainly be largely outweighed by those of the disreputable, the ignorant, the thoughtless, the purchased, and the coerced."

Same article, second section entitled "The Woman's Club as an Ally of Female Suffrage."

Cleveland warns about the terrible consequences of the "club habit."

Other sources:

See also: Anne Ruggles Gere and Sarah R. Robbins, "Gendered Literacy in Black and White: Turn-of-the-Century African-American and European-American Club Women's Printed Texts."

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Teddy Roosevelt's letter on Race Suicide American Monthly Review of Reviews, v.35(May 1907), 550-551

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