Global Feminisms Bibliography June 1996

Query From Nancy Saporta Sternbach 14 June 1996

For an introductory course in women's studies, I am interested in compiling a bibliography on global feminisms, both in industrialized nations and emerging economies. Review articles that would be helpful for first-year students are especially welcome. I would appreciate any ideas that people have. We are hoping to represent differing areas of the world. Thank you in advance.


>From Maria Elena Raymond 14 June 1996

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>From Cheryl Malone H-women editor, 14 June 1996

***I used Netscape to do a keyword search for "global feminism" and found four interesting things:

Feminist Internal Gateway: Global Feminism

NOW and Global Feminism

Syllabus for an anthropology course on "Feminisms in Global Perspective"

There's also a bibliography on "Women in World Politics" on the Women's Studies web at the U of Maryland; there's a link for the site from the H-Women homepage:

Hope that helps!

>From Nupur Chaudhuri 17 June 1996

NWSA Journal latest issue (Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring 1996)

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