Antifertility Agents Bibliography (Sept 1996)

Query From Londa Schiebinger 04 Sept 1996

I am looking for articles or books on antifertility agents (contraceptives and abortificants) in the early modern period--used in Europe or elsewhere. John Riddle's excellent book stops in the fifteenth century with a few tantalizing suggestions about the 16th and subsequent centuries. I will very much appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks.


Achterberg, Jeanne Woman as Healer, Shambhala Publications, Boston and Dorset, 1990

Brodie, Janet Farrell Contraception and Abortion in Nineteenth-Century America

Davis, Angela Women, Race and Class, Random House, 1981

Gray, Madeline Margaret Sanger, A Biography on the Champion of Birth Control, Richard Marek Publishers, NY, 1979

Haller John S. and Robin M. The Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America, U of Illinois, 1974

McGaw, Judith, Ed. Early American Technology , U of North Carolina Press, 1994

Susan Klepp's article "Lost, Hidden, Obstructed and Repressed: Contraceptive and Abortive Technology in the Early Delaware Valley

McLaren, Angus Reproductive Rituals

Richardson, Laurel and Taylor, Verta, eds. Feminist Frontiers III, McGraw Hill, 1993

Sanger, Margaret "Birth Control Review"....magazine started by Sanger in the US in approx. mid-1920s

Skolnick, Arlene and Jerome Family in Transition, Little Brown & Co, Boston, 1971

Stopes, Marie Married Love, pub. in U.S. in early 1900s

Sex and the Young(a pamphlet)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (London) email:

Author unknown Pamphlet: United States Practical Receipt Book, 1844

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