European Women's History/Primary Sources Bibliography (Nov 1996)

Query From Sandie Holguin 13 Nov 1996

I'll be teaching a course on the history of European women next semester. I am looking for suggestions for (short) primary sources in English to use in the context of both imperialism and decolonization. For imperialism I would welcome any primary sources by European women living in the colonies and/or indigenous women and their responses to European imperialism. For decolonization, I would like works by Third-World women living in Europe, e.g., Turkish women in Germany. Thank you in advance.


Emecheta, Buchi In The Ditch, Second Class Citizen

Kingsley, Mary Travels in West Africa

Melman, Billie Women's Orients

Robinson, Jane Wayward Women: A Guide to Women Travelers

Sharawi, Huda Harem Years: The Memoirs of an Egyptian Feminist (trans. & edited by Margot Badran)

Stoler, Ann Race and The Education of Desire

Strobel, Margaret European Women and the Second British Empire

Strobel, Margaret and Chaudhuri, Nupur Western Women and Imperialism

Strobel, Margaret and Johnson-Odim, Cheryl Expanding the Boundaries of Women's History

Ware, Vron Beyond the Pale (not primary but check bibliography)

Other responses:

travelogues/diaries/memoirs of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Lucie Duff Gordon, Mary Hall, Gertrude Bell, Isabella Burton, Isabelle Eberhardt

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