Women and Dreams Bibliography July 1996

Query From Caroline Nachman caroline@sgn.com 08 July 1996

Interesting article in today's Chicago Tribune Tempo section on dreams and the varied scholarly approaches to them. I would like any info on whether any women in history(from Afra Behn to Catherine the Great, Agnes DeMille to Marie Curie) ever recorded their dreams; if a pattern of subconscious genius can be observed therein. Thanks.


Doyon, Rene-Louis Mes journaliers: Vie tragique d'Isabelle Eberhardt (Paris, La Connaissance,1923; trans by Nina de Voogd as The Passionate Nomad: The Diary of Isabelle Eberhardt;London, Virago, 1987)

Edwards, Madaline Madaline: Love and Survival in Antebellum New Orleans (U of Georgia Press, 1996) Edited by Dell Upton

Fuller, Margaret The Essential Margaret Fuller (pp.6 & 27)

Gerona, Carla "'Return to the World': Dreams of 18th Century Female Friends"...paper presented at the Berks...contact at John Hopkins

Kobak, Annette Isabelle: The Life of Isabelle Eberhardt (Knopf, NY, 1989)

Penington, Mary Her Experiences in the life... (Friends Historical Society)

Shikibu, Lady Murasaki Tale of the Genji, Story of the Stone (Chinese classic)


From: Patricia Lorcin plorci19@sefl.satelnet.org
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 13:58:29 -0600

I was away in July but I see from Maria Elena's posting on Women and Dreams that Caroline Nachman made an enquiry on this subject. As I did not follow the exchanges in July I don't know what feedback Caroline received but in the event that she was not mentioned, Vita Sackville West recorded her dreams. I believe she had a specific book in which she entered them. See Victoria Glendinning's biography *Vita* Kknopf 1983). Glendinning mention's the dreams in the Preface (in reference to Vita's neurosis) and again in the text (although I cannot remember the pagination for the text I am afraid).

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