Divorce Statistics Bibliography June 1996

Query From Pamela Tyler tyler@social.chass.ncsu.edu 13 June 1996

I need statistical info about the generally negative economic impact of divorce on women, for a skeptical student in a class I am teaching. i recall reading about a recent controversy over the findings put forward in L. Weitzman's work, I think, but I cannot put my hands on anything here in the office on short notice. Does anyone have any data? Many thanks!


"Chronicle of Higher Education" recent reanalysis of Weissman's data

Duncan, Greg contact at U. of Michigan...has written on this

Faludi, Susan Backlash critique re: Weitzman figures

Furstenberg & Cherlin Divided Families, 1991

Rogerson, Carol "Judicial Interpretation of the Spousal and Child Support Provisions of the Divorce Act, 1985(Part II)," Canadian Family Law Quarterly7:3 (May, 1991), 271-314.

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