Christian Left Movement Bibliography May 1996

Query From Theresa Kaminski 30 May 1996

This query is on behalf of a colleague who is not on this list. Does anyone know anything about a Christian left movement in the 1920s that was active in Texas? The YWCA coordinated some of this opposition to fundamentalism, racism and poverty. My colleague's mother was active in this movement when she was a student at a women's college in Forth Worth. I've tried some database searches but haven't come up with anything. Maybe I'm not using the right words. This is considerably out of my league. Any help would be appreciated.


Hall, J.D. Revolt Against Chivalry

McDowell, John P. Social Gospel in the South

Rossinow, Doug "The Break-Through to New Life: Christianity and the Emergence of the New Left in Austin, Texas, 1956-1964", American Quarterly, Sept. 94

Also: His dissertation from Johns Hopkins(94-95)

Other contacts/sources(from Nancy Marie Roberston

Works by Jessie D. Ames and Sallie Hanna

Southern Methodist University

Commission on Interracial state or local chapters

Database words: "social gospel", "women against lynching", "YWCA"

Note: All of these writings entail YWCA connections and if you wish to pursue that angle, I put out a newsletter (via postal mail) for people researching the YWCA, Let me know if you need more information.

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