Birth Control in US/1920s Bibliography (Nov 1996)

Query From Staci R. Anson 11 Nov 1996

I am currently doing research on the social, economic and political reasons for the birth control movement in the 1920s. Why did women want birth control, what factors produced this need, how was the government involved, etc. I am reading mostly primary sources from the teen 'til the 1930s, however, all of those resources have been written by non-minority women and men. At the time,people considered immigrant groups (such as Jews, Italians, etc) the minorities that needed help (many of my sources mention eugenics). I would be interested in locating sources written by Jews, Italians, etc from the period that also call for the legalization of birth control. Basically, I'm trying to write a paper reflective of the times, not one based on current interpretations of the era. I would also be interested in hearing about other suggested readings on this issue. I have read primary sources produced by M. Sanger., H. Ellis, M. Dennett, the US government, Catholic organizations, and birth control leagues/groups, just to name a few(my list is too long to name.) Thanks.


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Turner, William B. "Class, Controversy, and Contraceptives: Birth Control Advocacy in Nashvillle, 1932-1944" Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 53/3 (Fall, 1994): 166-179.

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