Oral Histories of Women Internees: WWII Bibliography

Query From Christina Twomey ctwomey@deakin.edu.au 21 Jan 1998

I am researching the experience of Western women internees of the Japanese during the second world war. The research covers US, British, Australian, US and Canadian women, and also military nurse POWs. Do subscribers to this list know of any oral history work, including that lodged in archives, done with women of any of the above nationalities? I am particularly interested in the way in which women remembered and constructed their experiences post-1945,in terms of gender, race and culture. Any suggestions for contacting ex-internees would also be welcome.


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Other Contacts:

Elizabeth Norman and Dorothy Angell: Recent paper on Vivian Bullwinkel presented at the Am.Assoc. for History of Nursing conference, 1997. Bullwinkel is an Australian nurse interned by the Japanese.

Prof. Norman is at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, 07102, USA or phone: (201) 744-2795 Dorothy Angell is at LaTrobe University In Australia as a doctoral student in Women's Studies/History.