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I am planning an undergraduate course on Women, The Family and the Rise of the Suburbs organized around the work of M. Marsh (Suburban Lives) and Dolores Hayden (Grand Domestic Revolution). In addition will use the standard texts in suburban history: Jackson, Stilgoe and Fishman. Would welcome suggestions for readings and films which engage with the connection between women's lives and the history of the suburbs 1840-1960.


Adams, Annemarie "The Eichler Home: Intention and Experience in Postwar Suburbia" in E.C.Cromley and C.L.Hudgens, eds _Gender, Class and Shelter: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture_(Knoxville, U of Tennessee Press, 1995)

Friedan, Betty _The Feminine Mystique_

Gordon, Richard and Katherine _The Split-Level Trap_

Harris, Richard _Unplanned Suburbs: Toronto's American Tragedy, 1900-1950_(Baltimore, John Hopkins U Press, 1996)

Harris, Richard and Victoria Bloomfield "The Impact of Industrial Decentralization on the Gendered Journey to Work, 1900-1940" _Economic Geography_1996

Keats, John _The Crack in the Picture Window_ (fiction)

Kelly, Barbara _Expanding the American Dream_(SUNY Press, 1993)

May, Elaine Tyler _Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era_

Miller, Roger         "The Machine in the Garden. Middle-Class Women and
Suburbanization, 1850-1920",      _Environment and Planning D. Society and

Space_ 1: 73-87, (1983).

Rubin, Lillian Breslow _Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working-Class Family_

Silverstone, Roger _Visions of Suburbia_(London, Routledge, 1996)

Strong-Boag, Vikki "Home Dreams: women and the Suburban Experiment in Canada, 1945-1960" _Canadian Historical Review_ 72,4 (1991).

Tate, Leland "The Rural Homes of City Workers and the Urban-Rural Migration", _Cornell Univ. Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 595 (Ithaca, NY, 1934).

Yates, Richard _Revolutionary Road_(fiction)

Other suggestions:

Special issue _Journal of Urban History_(22,1:Nov. 1995), edited by Graeme Davison

Film: "No Down Payment", made in 1959, directed by Martin Ritt, stars Joanne Woodward, Cameron Mitchell, Jeffrey Hunter and Tony Randall.

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