Nurses Involved in Social Work Bibliography

Query From Stacy A. Cordery 20 Nov 1997

Dear Colleagues,
I am looking for works or information on women nurses involved in social movements in post-Civil War United States, other than Margaret Sanger. There is some information in Lori Ginzberg's _Women and the Work of Benevolence_ in her chapters on the sanitation commission and those nurses who helped shift philanthropy to the more systematic and strategic philanthropy we recognize today. Am I missing something obvious?


Doyle, Ann "Nursing by Religious Orders in the United States," a 6-part series
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Other Suggestions:

One obvious but rich place to look is Lillian Wald's Henry Street Settlement, which was centered around visiting nurses in NYC. There is tons of stuff on both nursing and social change/reform struggles(and nurses in social change/reform) in Wald's papers.

...look at careers of Lillian Wald (Notable American Women) and the Woolsey sisters (Anne Austin _The Woolsey Sisters of New York)

... many Catholic Sisters were involved in the establishment of hospitals and other health care facilities and also the professionalization of nurses movement around the turn of the century. I wrote my M.A. thesis on both of these topics, with work on the Sisters of Mercy in Arizona: "'A Spirit of Mercy': The Founding of Saint Joseph's Hospital, 1892-1912." (From Kathy Smith Franklin

...look at Breckinridge and the Frontier Nursing Service

...Ida Maud Cannon...associated with the field or subfield of "medical social work." Cannon worked at Mass. General Hospital and her records are there
untouched....dates were 1877-1960.