Query From Tabitha Yeatts

yeattslo@mindspring.com 24 April 2000

I would love contact information for descendants of women who traveled to Serbia during WWI with the Scottish Women's Hospitals. I am doing research for a novel for young adults. Other recommendations about sources of details of their daily lives are welcomed. I've read a number of books & have found _Little Grey Partridge_ and _Quality of Mercy_ especially helpful. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Balfour, Frances _Dr. Elsie Inglis_ (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1919).

Burgess, A. _The Lovely Sergeant_ (Companion Book Club, London, 1963).

Campbell, Margaret W. Menzies _Three Scottish Women's Hospitals From their Foundation Until 1948_ (Edinburgh, 1982). re: Bruntsfield Hosp., Edinburgh; Redlands Hosp. Glasgow; Private Hospital for Women, Dundee).

Crofton, Eilean _The Women of Royaumont: A Scottish Women's Hospital on the Western Front_ (Tuckwell Press, East Lothian or East Linton, 1997).

Dow, Derek A. _Redlands House: Hospital, Hostel and Home_ (Glasgow, Scottish Ambulance Service, 1985).

Hutton, I. _Memoirs of a Doctor in War and Peace_ (Heinemann, London, 1960).

Leneman, Leah _In the Service of Life: The Story of Elsie Inglis and the Scottish Women's Hospitals_(Mercast Press, Edinburgh, 1994). ______________has published a bio of Elsie Inglis, one of a series of _Scots Lives_ (National Museum of Scotland (NMS), 1998).

Marlow, J., Ed. _The Virago Book of Women and the Great War_ (Virago, London, 1998).

Nicholson, M. _What Did you do in the War, Mummy?_ (Pimlico, London, 1996).
Not much about the SWH, more on the FANYs and the QAs.

Ross, Ishobel _The Little Grey Partridge_(Aberdeen: Aberdeen U Press, 1988).

Stobart, Mrs. Sinclair _Miracles and Adventures: An Autobiography_ (Rider and Co., London, 1936).

Wheelwright, Julie _Amazons and Military Maids_ (Pandora Press, London, 1989).