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Query From Rudy Leon 29 April 1998

I was just browsing through this very fun little book, _Wild Women in the White House_, and came across a piece on journalist Anne Royall. She seems to have been a force to be reckoned with, was acquainted with each of the first 14 presidents, and held John Q. Adam's pants hostage until he gave her a sufficient interview (imagine th allegations today!). Here's the bit that really
grabbed me, however.

"But Royall's most inspired invective was reserved for her personal enemies in the evangelical movement--the hypocritical 'Hallelujah Holdforths' she accused of
corrupting Native American culture..."(p.21).

While this book is fun, and sports a bibliography, it lacks footnotes and I couldn't really peg any of the sources to follow up on this. I'm really intrigued by the idea that the early 19th century was blaming evangelicals for the decline of
Native cultures.

Does anyone know of a good source on Anne Royall ( a quick browse revealed that she is not an OCLC heading), or have any directions for following up on this idea? Thanks in advance.


Beasley, Maurine, Ed _Women in Media: A Documentary Source Book_ Beasley also has another book w/a chapter on Royall

James, Bessie _Anne Royall's America [or USA]_ (biography)

Royall, Anne _Travels in Virginia_; _Sketches of History, Life and Manners in the United States_(New Haven, 1824).

Royall, Anne Newport _Letters From Alabama, 1817-1822_(1830; reprint U of Alabama Press, 1969).

Other Suggestions:

_Travels in Virginia_ may be at William and Mary College

See her listing in _Notable American Women_

Contact Reid A. Paul finishing Master's thesis on Royall

Contact Theresa Kaminski has info about friend who has spent the past couple of years researching Royall's life