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Dear list members:

I have a student who is doing primary research (oral interviews) with young women about their attitudes toward the Miss America Pageant, whether it is only a beauty contest or does it really promote educational opportunities for young women. I would appreciate any recommendations for secondary scholarship on this topic, whether articles or monographs. Thanks so much.


Banner, Lois _American Beauty_

Cohen, Wilk and Stoeltje, Eds. _Beauty Queens on the Global Stage_

Dedford, Frank _There She Is_ (ca. 1970s)

Dworkin, Susan _Miss America 1945: Bess Meyerson's Own Story_

Evans, Sara _Born for Liberty_

Faludi, Susan _Backlash_

Freedman, Rita _Beauty Bound_

Goldman, William _Hype and Glory_

Goldsby, Jackie "Queen for 307 Days: Looking B[l]ack at Vanessa Williams and the Sex Wars," _Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing_

Riverol, A.R. _Live From Atlantic City_

Wolfe, Naomi _The Beauty Myth_

Wu, Judy "Loveliest Daughter of Our Ancient Cathay!: Representations of the Ethnic and Gender Identity in the Miss Chinatown U.S.A. Beauty Pageant." _Journal of Social History_(Fall 1997):5-31

Other Suggestions:

Miss America Organization on the Internet

"No More Miss America" demonstration, 07 Sept, 1968 Discussed in _Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement_, (V.1, #3, Oct. 1968) and in the NY Times, 08 Sept 1968

Film: "Miss...or Myth?" 1 hr. documentary on Miss California pageant and "myth-America" counter-pageant. Dist. by The Cinema Guild in NYC. Calif. audiences can arrange free screening through the California Council for the Humanities.

Follow-Up Question 12 Nov 1997 Darcy Martin martindj@access.etsu.edu

...she thought that the Florence Crittendon League staged a protest of the Pageant...before the 9/7/68 protest. Does anyone [know] of such a protest?

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