Men Who Voted for Woman's Suffrage Bibliography

Query From Loni Bramson-Lerche 25 May 1998

On another list I informed some subscribers about some of the more militant members of the suffrage movement. I received the request below. I would appreciate references to journal articles or books which would discuss the issues raised. I have already looked in the H-Women archives. Thanks.

"To this very helpful and substantive post I wish not to retort or to respond but simply ask for directions. Will you please direct me to the source which explains the behavior of the men who cast the votes which were necessary to change the laws so as to allow women their rights to vote & etc? The underlying assumption of most political analysis is that that all the competing or cooperating constituencies already 'have the vote'. Political tactics in this context run the gamut from subtle persuasion to subliminal suggestion to outright fraud and vote-buying -- point being that there are votes to be bought, voters to persuade, an electorate in place to demagogue. In the history of the women's suffrage movement, the point at which men actually cast the deciding and effective votes is passed over in such an "of course" fashion as to leave the thinking male a bit puzzled, to say the least. Whatever possessed my forefathers, for example, to pass into law the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution? To what extent was their affirmation of the right of women to vote an "enlightened" one? What exactly was it that women did that so enlightened men that they behaved so uncharacteristically as to vote "yes" to rights women had not enjoyed during most of "recorded" history?"


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