Women in Medieval Russia Bibliography

Query From Shirley Leckie sleckie@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu 15 Sept 1998

A student of mine is looking for works or sources that deal with women in Medieval Russia (9th through 12th centuries, and most especially in the pre-Christian period before 988.)

He wonders if there are any works that describe their rights in area such as owning property, choosing husbands, or gaining a divorce. He also wonders if women had particular occupations outside the home. He notes that in Scandinavian culture, there were female warriors, know as "shield maidens," who fought in the Battle of Bravalla in 780.

I told him that I would put out an inquiry on the H-Net for Women's History. If any of you have any information on women in Russia in this time or know of any sources he can go to, please post a reply to this list and I will forward it to him. He is an older student and is not yet using the internet. He has gone to the library but finds very little on this subject. I am certain he will appreciate any assistance whatsoever.


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Pushkareva has published extensively on property rights in russian only.