Literary Work for Women's Studies Bibliography

Query From Darcy Martin 15 April 1998

We are selecting reading materials for our Introduction to Women's Studies course and have already decided to use Ehrenreich's _For Her Own Good_ and Marilyn Pearsall, ed., _Women and Values_. We've been discussing what literary work to include and I suggested that I place a query with H-Women. If you could choose only one work, what would it be? We've considered _A Handmaid's Tale_, _A Room of One's Own_, _The Yellow Wallpaper_, _Beloved_, _I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings_. What are your suggestions? Thanks.


Alcott, Louisa May _Little Women_

Allison, Dorothy _Bastard Out of Carolina_

Brown, Elaine _A Taste of Power_

Chopin, Kate _The Awakening_

Emecheta _Second Class Citizen_

Gilman, Frances Perkins _Herland_

Hansberry, Lorraine _A Raisin in the Sun_

Hurston, Zora Neale _Their Eyes Were Watching God_

Jacobs, Harriet _Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl_

Kasen, Susanna _Girl Interrupted_

Kingston, Maxine Hong "No Name Woman"

Olsen, Tillie _Silences_

Petrie, Anne _The Street_

Piercy, Marge _Small Changes_

Plath, Sylvia _The Bell Jar_

Rich, Adrienne _When We Dead Awaken_

van Gandersheim, Hrosvit _Medieval Women's Visionary Literature_ed. E.Petrof

Walker, Alice _Possessing the Secret of Joy_

Other Suggestions:

Science fiction by Joanna Russ or Octavia Butler or Sherri Tepper