Italian-American Women Bibliography

[Ed. Note: This bibliography combines responses to two (2)similar queries in Oct and Nov 1997.]

Query From Karen Campbell 8 Oct 1997

I am interested in researching Italian-American women who were active in unions and the labor movement from about 1920-1940, preferably in New York City. I am looking for primary sourcespapers, newsletters, etc. This research is for a conference paper for a labor history course.

Query From Giulia Aubrey 07 Nov 1997

I'm an Italian female student from University "Roma Tre" and I'm working on a project about the story and the memory of the Italian American women even not so important like Geraldine Ferraro or similar. My work is based on the italian female immigration in U.S.A.

I need news about Italian American women in the contemporary period, I mean from the beginning of the 19th century. I think it will be more useful for me to have informations about Italian American women who were and are working in public associations, in voluntary corps and something similar. I'd like to know all about their condition of life, their stories like a group, a community. But I'd like also to have more news about famous Italian-American women. I think that in Italy we know them very little. I know my question is too big and confuse but I hope you will be able to help me to find sites, links, document, name of associations and organization that are concerning this subject? I'd like to talk about this argument with everyone who is interested. I thank you.
Sorry for my English that is still approximative.

In any case in our university in Rome we are working at this project and many other in female history. I'd be really glad if we will be able to help each other and to collaborate in the future.


Cohen, Miriam _Workshop to Office: Two Generations of Italian Women in New York City, 1900-1950_(Cornell U Press, 1992).

Orsi, Robert book on Italian Harlem

Other Suggestions:

Contact: Jennifer Guglielmo She is working on Italian-American women activists

Contact: Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

Contact: Cabrini College, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA They house the papers of Mother Francesca Cabrini, 1st American saint, and founder of many missions, an order of nuns, orphanages, schools. She...was Italian...ordered by the Pope to minister to Italian immigrants in the U.S., arriving in the late 19th c.

Search Internet: H-Women website at Message logs for Sept. and Oct 1997

Contact: Amy Hague at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College: 413-585-2977 or e-mail at

Smith Collection has tapes and transcripts of oral histories...with members of the Ausonia Club, a Northhampton, Massachusetts organization...[of] Italian American women, many of whom were mill workers. ...The club was founded in 1921. ...histories done in mid-1980s with 6 women and 2...male relatives. The women were born between 1889 and ca. 1918, all but one were immigrants, ...the other a daughter of immigrants.

Suggested subject for study: Adelina Patti (1843-1919), opera singer born in Madrid, Spain of Italian parents, spent working career in New York City....famous in her lifetime, in U.S. and Europe, for her interpretations of Mozart and Verdi.