Women and Housing

Query From Loretta Lance  lorettalance@netzero.net   12 April 2000

Hi, I am preparing a class on women and housing that will be offered by both the art history and women's studies departments. The premise of the course is to analyze ways women have approached housing design in relationship to mainstream housing, or the types of housing we tend to live in. The material covered will include C. Beecher's designs, C. Frederick's various ideas about efficiency, communal housing/kitchens, appliances, and domestic science.
As an architectural historian I have a good, strong selection of material from architectural history and design. I also have a few readings from literature, such as Gilman's _The Yellow Wallpaper_.
But the class is a little week on readings from women studies about housing. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Ardener, Shirley , Ed.  _Women and Space: Ground Rules and Social Maps_ (Berg Publishers, Providence, RI, 1993).
Bush, Corlann G.  "The Barn is His, the House is Mine: Agricultural Technology and Sex Roles" in _Energy and Transport: Historical Perspectives on Policy Issues_ Daniels, Geo. H and Mark H. Rose, Eds. (Beverly Hills, Sage Publications, 1982).
Cowan, Ruth Schwartz  _More Work for Mother_(Basic Books, 1983).
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins  _The Home, Its Work and Influence_(1902)
Graham, Laurel  "Domesticating Scientific Management" in _Managing on Her Own_(Norcross, GA., Engineering and Management Press, 1998).
Grosz, Elizabeth  _Space, Time and Perversion: Essays on the Politics of Bodies_(Routledge, NY, 1995) Esp. Chap.7 "Women, Chora, Dwelling," and Chap. 8 "Architecture from the Outside."
Hayden, Dolores   _The Grand Domestic Revolution_
____________ _Redesigning the American Dream_
Marsh, Margaret   _Suburban Lives_
Radford, Gail   _Modern Housing for America_  The chapter on Catherine Bauer and the Modern Housing Movement (1930s)
Weisman, Leslie Kanes  _Discrimination by Design: A Feminist Critique of the Man-made Environment_(U of Illinois Press, 1992. 1-800-545-1703)
Wright, Gwendolyn  _Building the Dream_
Other Suggestions:
Article on cnn.com on women designing furniture for houses and office spaces
MS. Magazine...recent article (Dec. 99/Jan.00) about female architects
Sheltering Ourselves: A Women's Learning Exchange (SOWLE) contact c/o The Women's Research and Development Center, 727 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45203  Website at http://members.aol.com/dectire/SO-WLE.htm
Short story "The Revolt of 'Mother' " by Mary Wilkes Freeman, 1891 in Vol. II of the Health Anthology of American Lit.
The work of Lillian Gilbreth, a "real" management engineer; she extended her 1930s ideas on "motion study in the home" to the 1940s and 1950s kitchens for disabled women
Sally McMurry has written numerous things on women and the history of farm houses