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Query From Dr. Katie Holmes

I've just joined H-Women. Congratulations on the list. I have an inquiry as follows:
I am currently researching Women and Gardens in Australia, within the framework of ideas about landscape , gender and identity. I am using sources such as letters, diaries, fiction, gardening literature, etc. I am interested in making contact with anyone working in a similar field, or who has suggestions for references dealing with women and gardens.


Bennett, Jennifer _Lillies of the Hearth: The Relationship between Women and Plants_(Camden East, Ontario: Camden House Pub., 1991)

Glendinning, Victoria _Vita_(Biography of Vita Sackville-West...has a section on Sissinghurst)

Goldsmith, Raquel Rubio "Seasons, Seeds, and Souls: Mexican Women Gardening in the American Messilla, 1900-1940" in the anthology by Fowler-Salamini/Vaughan _Women of the Mexican Countryside, 1850-1990_ (1994) ALSO: Goldsmith has another article: "Civilization, Barbarism, and Nortenas Gardens" in _Making Worlds: Gender, Metaphor, Materiality_(forthcoming, U of Arizona Press)

Kolodny, Annette _The Land Before Her_; _The Lay of the Land_

Merchant, Carolyn _The Death of Nature_

Smith, Henry Nash _Virgin Land_(1950)

Steinbeck, John "The Chrysanthemums" [short story]

Thacker, Christopher _The History of Gardens_(Berkeley: U of Calif Press, 1979)

Troy-Smith, Jean _Called to Healing: Reflections on the Power of Earth's Stories in Women's Lives_(NY State U Press, 1996)

von Arnim, Elizabeth _Elizabeth and Her German Garden_

Other contacts/sources:

Contact: Raquel Rubio Goldsmith at Pima College in Tucson, Arizona

Contact: Victoria de Rijke Middlesex Univ. Her Ph.D. is on a garden metaphor.

Contact: Susan Thompson, lecturer at the Univ. of New South Wales School of Planning and Urban Development, recently completed PhD at Sydney Univ on migrant women's sense of place.

Meredith, Louisa Anne Some of her writings

Sarton, May All of her journals

Woolf, Virginia Her diaries might shed light on Vita and Sissinghurst

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