Family and British Empire Bibliography

[Ed. Note: This biblio combines responses to following query, and another rec'd about the same time re:theoretical/historical sources on family in England/Ireland ca. 1950s]

From Patricia Y.C.E. Lin <> 8 Oct 1997

I am trying to locate readings for a week on Empire for my undergraduate seminar "Changing Ideas and Experiences of Family in Britain, 17c-20c." I know about and will use Anna Davin's "Imperialism and Motherhood" but would like to locate other readings. Many thanks.


Anderson, Michael (Ed) _Sociology of the Family_(Penguin, 1971)

Callan, Hilary and Shirley Ardener (Eds), _The Incorporated Wife_(1984)

Chaudhuri, Nupur Essay in _Victorian Studies_ v.31,1988

Davin, Anna _Growing Up Poor_

Emecheta, Buchi _The Family_ (Novel)

James, Caryl _Cambridge_ (Novel)

Midgely, Clare _Women Against Slavery_

Nussbaum, Felicity _Torrid Zones: Maternity, Sexuality and Empire in 18th Century Narratives_(1995)

Ramabai, Pandita _The High Caste Hindu Woman_

Ramusack, Barbara N. "Cultural Missionaries, Maternal Imperialists, Feminist Allies: British Women Activists in India, 1865-1945_; _Women's Studies International Forum_13, no.4 1990:309-21

Ross, Ellen Book about families in London's East End around WWI

Strobel, Margaret _European Women and the Second British Empire_(1991)

Strobel, Margaret & Nupur Chaudhuri (Eds) _Western Women and Imperialism_(1992)

Young, Michael & Peter Willmott _Family & Kinship in East London_(1962)

_The Symmetrical Family_(1973)

Other Suggestions:

Contact Liz Buettner at

Contact Maura O'Connor, Modern British historian at UC or 513-556-2144

Check H-Women Website in bibliography and syllabi section at

Recommend the set of books which accompany the Open University's course Studying Family and Community History: 19th and 20th Centuries (DA301).

Series Editor: Ruth Finnegan
R. Finnegan and M. Drake (Eds) From Family Tree to Family History WTR Pryce (Ed) From Family History to Community History J. Golby (Ed) Communities and Families
R. Finnegan & M. Drake (Eds) Sources and Methods For Family and Community Historians: A Handbook
All four titles are published by Cambridge U Press in association with the Open University

See also M Drake (Ed) Time, Family and Community: Perspectives on Family and Community History (Oxford Blackwell, in assoc. w/Open University).