Race, Gender, Delinquency in Britain Bibliography

Query From P Cox pamcox@essex.ac.uk 28 May 1998

I am doing a short research project on questions of race, immigration, gender and juvenile delinquency in Britain in the period 1920-1970. Does anyone know of any work (on Britain) that has been done in this area? I'm particularly interested in the care/criminal justice systems and voluntary movements, rather than the formal educational sphere. I am also very interested in specific responses to young women.


Burt, Sir Cyril _The Young Delinquent_(U of London Press, 1925; reprint, 1952).

Wimshurst, Kerry "Control and Resistance: Reformatory School Girls in the Late Nineteenth Century South Australia," _Journal of Social History_ 18 (Winter 1984): 273-287.

Woollacott, Angela " 'Khaki Fever' and its Control: Gender, Class, Age, and Sexual Morality on the British Homefront in the First World War," _Journal of Contemporary History_ 29(1994):325-347

Other Suggestions:

Check with Kathleen Paul at the University of South Florida (Tampa). Just published a book on the topic of immigration and labor policy in postwar Britain. ...you can certainly locate her through the history department.