Female Bastardy in Literature Bibliography

Query From Anne Ruggles Gere argere@umich.edu 01 Dec 1997

As part of a study of female bastardy generally, my question centers on female bastardy in literature. It appears there has been little done on the topic, and it is difficult to "find" female bastards. Pearl in _Scarlet Letter_, Hedwig in _Wild Duck_, and June Kashpaw in _Love Medicine_ come to mind, but I'm sure there are many others. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Austen, Jane _Sense and Sensibility_ the Colonel's ward

Bronte, Charlotte _Jane Eyre_: the child the governess took care of

Bronte, Emily _Wuthering Heights_ Heathcliff

Brown, Herbert Ross _The Sentimental Novel in America_

Brown, Rita Mae _Rubyfruit Jungle_, _Six of One_, _Southern Discomfort_

Collins, Wilkie _Armadale_

DeFoe, Daniel _Moll Flanders_

Foster, Hannah _The Coquette_

Hugo, Victor _Les Miserables_

Nuxoll, Elizabeth M. "Illegitimacy, Family Status, and Property in the Early Republic: The Morris-Croxall Family of New Jersey," _New Jersey History_(Fall/Winter, 1995).

Reynolds, David _Beneath the American Renaissance_

Rhys, Jean _Wide Sargasso Sea_

Rossetti, Christina _The Iniquity of the Fathers Upon the Children_

Rowson, Susanna _Charlotte Temple_

Segal, Naomi _The Adulteress Child: Authorship and Desire in the 19th century Novel_(Polity Press, 1992)

Siegel, Adrienne _The Image of the American City in Popular Literature_

Trollope, _Doctor Thorne_ See Mary

Other Suggestions:

_Bastard Out of Carolina_

The heroine of Bleak House

Check magazines of the late 18th century, the work of Samuel Richardson