Anthologies of Literature by Women Bibliography

From Patricia E Carey <> 24 Oct 1997

I am working on designing a survey course of literature by women, possibly a two semester sequence. I would like to use a couple of anthologies--one an anthology of literature by women in English and another anthology of literature by international women in translation. I am aware of the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women and The Longman Anthology of World Literature by Women. I'd like to ask two things; first, can I get some feedback on the two anthologies I've mentioned and second, can anyone make some recommendations to me on good anthologies for the two areas I've mentioned? Both anthologies are rather old I think and I would really like to find something more current. Thanks in advance.

From Tue Dec 9 11:17:52 1997 Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 03:07:00 -0500
From: Maria Elena Raymond <> To: Melanie Shell <> Subject: Anthologies of Literature by Women (Biblio resp)

Dear Patricia,
I agree that Norton is dated, and while a valuable resource, there are certainly more current anthologies available. You might want to use readings from several anthologies, as opposed to limiting yourself to two. Among the ones I would recommend you take a look at are:

Arenal, Electa and Stacey Schlau, Eds. Translations by Amanda Powell _Untold Sisters: Hispanic Nuns in Their Own Words_(U of New Mexico Press; 1989)

Burnett, June, Julie Cotterill, Annette Kennerley, Phoebe Nathan and Jeanne Wilding, Eds. _The Common Thread: Writings by Working Class Women_ (Mandarin, London; 1989)

Busby, Margaret , Ed. _Daughters of Africa: An International Anthology of Words and Writings by Women of African Descent From the Ancient Egyptian to the Present_(Ballantine, NY; 1994)

Cahill, Susan, Ed _Writing Women's Lives: an Anthology of Autobiographical Narratives By Twentieth Century American Women Writers_(HarperCollins,NY; 1994)

_Among Sisters: Short Stories by Women Writers_ (Penguin, NY; 1989)

Folsom, Marcia McClintock and Linda Heinlein Kirschner,Eds. _by Women: An Anthology of Literature_ (Houghton Mifflin, Boston; 1976)

Kadi, Joanna, Ed. _Food for our Grandmothers: Writings by Arab-American and Arab-Canadian Feminists_ (South End Press, Boston; 1994)

Marks, Marlene Adler, Ed. _Nice Jewish Girls: Growing Up in America_(Plume/Penguin, NY; 1996)

Martin, Wendy, Ed. _The Beacon Book of Essays by Contemporary American Women_(Beacon, Boston; 1996)

Mason, Mary Grimley and Carol Hurd Green, Eds. _Journeys: Autobiographical Writings by Women_[1342 to present] (G.K.Hall, Boston; 1979)

Mee, Susie, Ed. _Downhome: An Anthology of Southern Women Writers_(Harcourt Brace, NY; 1995)

Rappaport, Doreen, Ed. _American Women: Their Lives in Their Words: A Documentary History_ (HaperCollins, NY; 1990)_

Rebolledo, Tey Diana & Eliana S. Rivero, Eds. _Infinite Divisions: An Anthology of Chicana Literature_(U of Arizona Press, 1993)

Rose, Phyllis, Ed. _The Norton Book of Women's Lives_(Norton, NY; 1995)

Washington, Mary Helen, Ed. _Invented Lives: Narratives of Black Women 1860-1960_ (Anchor,Doubleday Dell, NY; 1989)

I realize some of these don't have "Anthology" in the title, but with the debatable exception of Rappaport's book, they certainly are collections of writings by women...some more specific in ethnicity/ geography et al than others.

Best wishes,
Maria Elena