Women in the Antebellum South Bibliography

Query From Suzanne Thurman sthurman@mesa5.mesa.colorado.edu 11 Nov 1998

Dear Colleagues, Can anyone direct me to books or articles written about poor white women and free black women in the antebellum South? I have found plenty of sources about women in slavery, but I have a gap in my lectures on poor white women and free black women prior to the Civil War. Thanks in advance for your help.


Bynum, Victoria E. _Unruly Women: The Politics of Social & Sexual Control in
the Old South_(1992)

Clinton, Catherine and Nina Silber, Eds. _Divided Houses: Gender and the Civil War_

Farnham, Christine Anne, Ed. _Women of the American South: A Multicultural Reader_

Jones, Jacqueline _Labour of Love, Labour of Sorrow_

Lesbock, Suzanne _The Free Women of Petersburg_

McCurry, Stephanie Also some discussion of yeomen women in _Master of Small Worlds_

Walsh, Lorena and Lois Carr they write about white women in the Chesapeake