Anderson and Zinsser Text or Replacement Bibliography

From Janice Liedl JLIEDL@NICKEL.LAURENTIAN.CA 10 Aug 1998

Hello everyone! Much to my horror, the university bookstore informs me that Volume 1 of Anderson and Zinsser's text, "A History of Their Own" is out of print and unavailable for a course scheduled to start in September. I desperately need to find either available copies in Canada or a replacement.

I remember a while back there was some discussion about the text being picked up by another publisher--if so, does anyone know the details?

I wouldn't be so worried except that this is for a correspondence course, and if I don't give them SOME sort of textbook, my students will be at sea. So if anyone can recommend a replacement text (covering antiquity through the Renaissance/Reformation, preferably), I'd be grateful.


Bridenthal, et al _Becoming Visible Women in European History_

Other Responses:

A new editionm pf A & Z's _A History of Their Own_ will be published by fall 1999. It will contain a new intro, epilogue and updated biblio.

Checking w/Books in Print, they show cloth editions out of print but paperbound *in* print: For Vol. 1 ISBN #0-06-091452-1, also has a CN #97-011933, Trade price is $20. Vol. 2 is ISBN #0-06-091563-3, Same CN#, Trade price $18. Reprint by HarperCollins.

Run a check through H-Women logs and you'll find similar inquiries re: A & Z's work going back to 1993. There are some replies suggesting a number of alternatives.

Go to, clisk on discussion logs, then enter the words "Anderson and Zinsser" (in quotes) and choose "All WOrds" and start your search. You'll have the info at hand in a matter of seconds.