Women and the Algerian War of Independence Bibliography

Query From Patricia Lorcin plorci19@idt.net 11 June 1998

I am preparing a course on European women in the 20th century and am looking for material on women and the Algerian War of Independence. Does anyone know of any novels by women, diaries, or secondary sources (European perspective) that might be of interest? I have the Algerian perspective well covered. Thank you.


From Stephen Whitfield 110523.512@compuserve.com 12 June 1998

Beauvoir's "Force des choses" offers brief references to her witnessing of the period, as does Francoise Giroud's bio. which is something like "Si je mens" and there is an English translation. French Contemporary Civilization (vol. 20, no. 1) published an article of mine on the Djamila Boupacha case, "The French Military Under Female Fire: Public Opinion and Justice in the case of Djamila Boupacha, 196-62," an affair that united French women to defend the civil rights of a 23-year-old Algerian woman who had been tortured by the French army. The film "Outre-Mer" addresses the plight of three European Algerian sisters during and after the war living in Algeria and "Wild Reeds" is a beautiful rendition of the war's impact on adolescence.

From Kathryn Coughlin De coughlik@gusun.georgetown.edu 12 June 1998

I took the liberty of forwarding this query to a colleague who works on the Maghrib. While he doesn't list specific books, these authors should be able to get you started. Good luck.

From Osama Abi-Mershed mershed@ix.netcom.com

I have literally come across many dozens of books by French or Pied-Noir women on the war of independence. The best bets are those by:

Germaine Tillon
Fanny Colonna
Suzanne Bidault
Monique Gadant
Daniele Amrane
Andree Dore
Natalia Ginzburg
Jeanne Duclos
Colette Establet
Evelyne Lever
Catherine Belvaude

No dearth here, this is really a partial list. There is also a good book on the subject by Robin Germain.