Coming of Age Novels Bibliography

Query From Bonita Bray 31 Jan 1997

Hi Everyone,
I'm posting this message for a friend who teaches Grade 12 English. He is looking for a female "coming of age" novel that could be used in tandem with _Catcher in the Rye_ or _Portrait of an Artist As a Young Man_. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can think of.


Allison, Dorothy _Bastard Out of Carolina_

Angelou, Maya _I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings_

Atwood, Margaret _A Cat's Eye_

Blum, Judy _Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret_

Brittain, Vera _Testament of Youth_

Bronte, Charlotte _Jane Eyre_

Brown, Rita Mae _Rubyfruit Jungle_

Cisneros, Sandra _The House on Mango Street_

Chiyo, Uno (1897-1996) _The Story of a Single Woman_ (Trans. under DuFour Editions; orig. pub. of the translation was Peter Owen,Ltd, 1992)

Conway, Jill Kerr _The Road From Corain

Dillard, Annie _An American Childhood_

Dougherty, Molly C. _Becoming A Woman in Rural Black Culture_

Franklin, Miles _My Brilliant Career_

Harper, M. _Falling in Love With Robert E. Lee_

Hurston, Zora Neale _Their Eyes Were Watching God_

Kincaid, Jamaica _Lucy_, _Annie John_

Kingsolver, Barbara _animal Dreams_

Konecky, Edith _Allegra Maud Goldman_(Feminist Press reissue)

Lehmann , Rosamond _Dusty Answer_ (1928?)

Lessing, Doris _Martha Quest_

McCullers, Carson _The Member of the Wedding_

Marshall, Paule _Brown Girl, Brownstone_

Meriwether, Louise _Daddy Was A Numbers Runner_

Moody, Anne _Coming of Age in Mississippi_

Morrison, Toni _Sula_, _The Bluest Eye_

Munroe, Alice _Lives of Girls and Women_

Pilcer, Sonia _Maiden Rites_

Plath, Sylvia _The Bell Jar_

Roiphe, Anne _Loving-Kindness (1987)

Spewack, Bella Cohen _Streets_ (Feminist Press, 1995)

White, Barbara _Growing Up Female: Adolescent Girlhood in American Fiction_(1985)

Other Titles suggested: _A Tree Grows in Brooklyn_, _The Bread Givers_, _Recollections of a Rotten Kid_, _Emma_,

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